Friday, 6 April 2012

From the bookworm's cave

I’m Emma, a 20-year-old book-lover, student, and aspiring author. I set up this blog so that I can talk about the books I love (I suspect my raving about The Hunger Games is starting to bore my family!) and about my writing. I’m going to be posting book reviews, mainly YA and fantasy books, because they’re the kind of books I read the most (when I'm not dissecting Wordsworth for my literature degree course. I mean, dissecting his poetry. Yeah…) I’ll also be talking about my writing, and the trials and tribulations of trying to get my second novel published. I’ve wanted to be a published author since the age of 10,at the beginning of a nearly-10-year-long struggle to turn an ever-mounting pile of notes into a successful book series. I completed my first novel at age 18, the first in a fantasy series for 9-12 year olds, but after a year of rejections from agents, and finally some honest criticism, I put it away (for now!), and began a new project. This one’s a fantasy adventure novel for teens. Complete at 52,000 words, it’s undergoing a final edit before I upload it to Authonomy (this is a great website- I thoroughly recommend it for anyone who’s writing a novel, complete or not!).

Right now, I'm at home from university for Easter, up to my neck in work (and books). Having been a book-hoarder for most of my life, I now find myself with the dilemma of owning more books than I have shelf space (as I have four bookshelves in my room, this is an achievement!). Admittedly a fair few of the books are for my university course (I'm in my second year studying English Literature with Creative Writing at Lancaster University). The next few weeks are going to be chaotic for me, as deadlines and exams rear their heads, but I’m determined to update this blog weekly- as I already keep a diary (and have done so for the past decade), this shouldn’t be too difficult, I hope! I’ll be posting my first entry on writing soon, and I’m preparing a couple of reviews. So I guess it’s time to share my random (and often bizarre) thoughts with the world!

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