Monday, 18 June 2012

To travel the world...

The past week's been a very productive one, writing-wise. Having no exams (and therefore no responsibilities!) meant that I've actually been able to concentrate on my writing - with the result that I've written over 12000 words in just over a week! This is a record for me, as ordinarily 3000 words a week is good going! I've always been envious of writers who can do 1000 words a day - unless I'm particularly inspired, or have nothing else to do, that never happens to me! Primarily because I usually have a million other things to be doing. But not now! Basically, it's as if I'm writing full time, as I'd love to do for real someday. And not because I'm too lazy to get a 'real' job, but because writing's my calling, it's what I want to spend the rest of my life doing. I've known it since the age of ten and nothing's been able to convince me otherwise. 

True enough, I'd love to work in publishing. But the dream's always there.

Anyway, writing aside, I've also been preparing for my five-week trip to Costa Rica in less than three weeks, which I'm ridiculously excited about. I might have mentioned it in this blog before, but if I haven't, it's a volunteer programme with an organisation called International Student Volunteers. I went to Australia with ISV last summer and had an amazing time, volunteering in the rainforest for two weeks before embarking on a two-week tour of the east coast of Australia. This time I'm off to Costa Rica, first for a week of Spanish lessons and learning about the culture, then a volunteer project (in the rainforest again!), then a two-week adventure tour. Exciting times! Before last summer I hadn't done any travelling at all, except through reading, but I'd always fantasised about travelling the world, so when I heard about the Australia project I knew I had to do it! Yeah, it cost me more than I should probably have spent, but it was worth it to jump out of a plane at 14000 feet (skydiving = awesome) and do various other daredevilish things. And of course to see such fantastic places. If I ever make it as a writer, I'll be sure go back! As of next year I'll be deep in the debt of graduation and will most likely no longer be able to afford even to leave the house, but it's nice to make the most of having time for stuff like this!

Even if I do have to leave my writing behind. No room for my laptop in my limited luggage. Ouch.

Notebooks, however...

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