Thursday, 30 May 2013

Review - Sky Song by Sharon Sant

Sky Song (Sky Song trilogy #1)

A strange-eyed boy with no memory of his true identity or real parents, Jacob could have no idea of the mortal danger he has been in every day of his fifteen years. Now that danger has found him and suddenly he doesn’t know who he can trust and what is real anymore. All he knows is that his new identity is almost as terrifying as the peril unleashing it has brought. Caught in the universal power struggle of an ancient race of beings and a destiny demanded of him that he does not want, he must fight to protect his own life and everyone he holds dear. 
But when the time comes, will he be strong enough to make the sacrifices that saving them will demand?

Sky Song is a fabulous sci-fi novel from author Sharon Sant, and I’m really glad I picked it up! Jacob’s ordinary life is shattered overnight when he’s visited by a strange being in his dreams telling him that he’s not who he thinks he is, that his real name is Ioh and that he has a destiny which is far beyond the everyday world.

I was completely sucked into the story. Sharon Sant is a fantastic author, and her storytelling drew me right into Jacob’s plight. I liked Jacob and Ellen immensely. They’re believable and engaging characters, and I though the romance with Ellen was really sweet. Jacob has to come to terms with some pretty major facts about his real family and his destiny, but his actions are realistic and he’s easy to root for as a protagonist.

The story moves along at a fast pace and the concept of the Watchers is interesting and exciting. This is an imaginative read and a must for all sci-fi fans!

Rating: ****1/2*

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