Friday, 12 July 2013

Update on Darkness Watching and life

So next week I graduate from university. It's such a strange feeling. Three years have passed in no time at all, and yet I've done so much. I've finished a grand total of FOUR novels (plus two abandoned at the first draft stage)as well as signing a contract with CQP to publish the Darkworld series. Speaking of whichI start edits next week *eep* and I'm waiting on feedback from betas for Book 2 so I can send it to my publishers...

I also have something VERY cool I can share: the blog header for Darkness Watching, which is also the design for the beautiful bookmarks I've ordered for future giveaways! Massive thanks to Alexandria, my fabulous cover designer at CQP!

*Eeek!*  The official cover reveal will be on August 31st - I'm setting one up with Xpresso Book Tours and I'll be sure to share it when sign-ups open! I've also been scheduling promotional tours for October, which is a bit nerve-wracking when edits aren't done yet and I'm starting my first work placement a week on Monday (I'll be off to London to do a placement at Scholastic, which I'm ridiculously excited about!). After that, my future is totally up in the air - I'll be applying for jobs, doing placements, writing, and generally trying to juggle several lives at once. But it'll be worth it! :D