Sunday, 6 April 2014

2-year Blogoversary Giveaway!

Oh wow, I can't believe I've been blogging for TWO YEARS. Really, I actually had to double-check the date, but it's true - my first post was on the 6th April 2012! o_O Emma of 2012 had just completed her third novel, The Puppet Spell, and was making her first tentative move into blogging. So I thought it'd be interesting to take a peek into my blogging history...

From the Bookworm's Cave - first blog post!

In which Emma is very determined to be published - "Why I write, and why I won't give up"

In which Emma publishes her first short story!

In which Emma decides to post her journal from her intrepid volunteering trip to Australia (2011)

(Gods, this is embarrassing, 19-year-old Emma. THE TYPOS! o_O)

Part Two of Emma's Australian Adventure, in which Emma jumps out of a plane

Emma returns from her second Epic Adventure, volunteering in Costa Rica (summer 2012)

Costa Rica Part 2, in which Emma is attacked by jungle bees and goes slightly insane

Costa Rica Part 3, in which Emma goes zip-lining and is stranded in Texas

Emma talks about what she wishes she'd known 5 years ago (maybe I should stop using the third person, it's starting to look weird...)

All about the Darkworld series!

Highlights of 2012

In which Emma makes New Year's Resolutions (and actually ends up keeping them)

I publish my debut novel!

The most epic of epic news - a publishing offer for Darkness Watching from Curiosity Quills!

In which I join IWSG

In which I get to hold a copy of my book :)

On Endings and Beginnings: in which I reflect on three years at university

In which I graduate from university and attempt to live multiple lives at once

A glimpse into the crazy (aka, edits will be the death of me)

Emma turns 22. Quarter-life-crisis commences!

I finish writing the Darkworld series!

My brief adventure in London comes to an end...

Darkness Watching teaser

Darkness Watching is published!

Emma survives a major rewrite of the second Darkworld book

2013: My Year in Writing!

My epic 2014 resolution/goal list!

I get to announce my exciting Darkworld news!

And here we are! In two years, I've gone from having no followers for the first six months, to having over 500 total, and over 50K pageviews! Thank you, all of you! :)

I like to keep this blog updated as much as I can, even when things are crazy-busy. At the moment, I'm blogging three days a week, featuring Monday Mini-Reviews or a post on a writing-related topic on Mondays; What's Up Wednesday as a mid-week update; and a book review on a Friday. Then there's IWSG on the first Wednesday of every month, and the #WIPMarathon report on the last Saturday of each month. And I always hop onto the blog to shout my latest Darkworld news whenever I have it. But I can't help thinking I could be doing more. I wish I had the time to visit everyone's blogs and leave meaningful comments. I wish I had the time to organise guest posts and interviews and contests and other exciting things. Time! Just meeting my own writing goals takes it out of me. But I've kept the Writer's Nest running for two whole years now - I guess that has to count for something. Still, if anyone has any suggestions for new cool blog features or ideas or anything, feel free to let me know! :) I do read all comments, even if Blogger sometimes doesn't play nice and won't let me reply...

Enough rambling. I've decided to set up a giveaway! As I've also passed some other milestones recently (passing 7000 Twitter followers...I've no idea how that happened! o_O), I've decided to make this a seriously special one! The winner will receive a SIGNED copy of Darkness Watching, and three signed bookmarks to pass on to whoever they like! Or just keep. Up to you! :) Aaaand, two runners up will also receive $5 Amazon gift cards!

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  1. Congrats on your 2nd year blog-versary!! You've accomplished a lot! :)

  2. Happy two-year blogoversary! And you have 500 followers? Whoa! I can't imagine ever having that many. Congrats! :)

  3. Happy Blogoversary! You've had some great accomplishes! Cheers to the next year!
    Also, I think you're doing plenty. You definitely keep my TBR pile from dwindling. ^_^ I don't know how you find the time to write so much AND read so much AND get all this blogging done in addition to all the other stuff you do. It's really amazing.