Wednesday, 9 July 2014

What's Up Wednesday

It's time for What's Up Wednesday, a weekly meme run by Erin L Funk and Jaime Morrow. Here's what I've been up to this past week!

What I'm reading

I've been rereading the Demon Trappers series by Jana Oliver. I've a bunch of new books I can't wait to get into, but I've not had much free time for reading this week!

What I'm writing

Like I said on Monday, I've been kind of scattered this week. And also tired, so I put my draft away to focus on edits. I've been working through CP/beta reader comments on my MG fantasy, which is (slightly scarily) close to being ready!

Now, I'm in the editing cave with my Darkworld books. In fact, I got two of my important emails in two days. o.O Because that's what the universe does. *brain explodes*

What inspires me

This post about discouragement and writing - I need the last part pinned to my wall! :P

What else I've been up to

I've been super-busy with freelance work, on top of waiting for stressful emails! I also took a (possible ill-advised) day off to go to a theme park, Drayton Manor, with a friend. Well, it meant I got to ride real rollercoasters, rather than emotional ones! ;) I'm a self-confessed adrenaline junkie, and it's hard to stress out over emails when you're about to drop from this tower. --->

As well as dropping from rather high places, we also visited the zoo, and saw all the owls, meerkats, snakes and monkeys! ^_^

Then I got those emails, and had to retreat into the Cave. But this weekend (if I escape from Editing Hell) I'm getting the train down to London for London Film & Comic Con - and the UK's first YA Lit Con! I'm excited to meet authors, get books signed, and hopefully I'll have some notes from the panels to share next week! ^_^ Best part? I get to meet writer friends in the real world! I'm so psyched for this! :D


  1. Ha! I love your comment about roller coasters, although I would probably die of fright if I ever had to go on that one. You are one brave girl! Hope the edits are going really well! :)

  2. Ooooh, I haven't been to Drayton Manor in years. I remember that ride very well...

    Whee, see you Saturday!!!!! :D I am so excited!

  3. Sometimes we absolutely need to take a roller-coaster kind of day, just to get our heads back in the game. It sounds like that was just what you needed. Have a great week!

  4. Ooh! Cool owls. You make me want to get out and ride a real roller coaster again. The question is, Universal Studios, Disney, or Sea World? *sigh*

    Here's some cheese to keep you company in your writing cave. Keep at it!

  5. Yay for the big emails! (Is that the right sentiment) If not, Boo for big emails!

    And I completely support your plan of blowing everything off and riding rollercoasters. What are you going to remember more, another day of work or rollercoasters?! I mean really.

    Hope you have an amazing week!

  6. Big emails, while difficult maybe, are better than radio silence. You can do this. Good luck in your cave!

  7. I want to go to London's YA Lit Con! My agent will be over there. I wonder if she is going. One day I want to do something bookish in London!

  8. I used to love rollercoasters, but I absolutely can't handle most of them now. I'm such a wimp. But you're right: it's hard to stress about emails when you're on an actual rollercoaster. I would just be stressing about that lol. Hope this week is less stressful and tiring for you, Emma!

  9. Just looking at that ride gives me the willies. I do not like roller coasters. I think I'm too much of a control freak to enjoy the feeling.

  10. Good luck with finishing edits! That's awesome you wrote an MG book. I need to read more MG.

    And of course you got the important emails on the same day. That's always how it goes. :/

    Days off are awesome. You need them. But if you're like me, it can be hard to make yourself take them.

    Happy Wednesday!

  11. The zoo looks like fun! So does that drop. :)

    Hope the edits go well. Don't bump your head on a stalactite.

  12. Yay, the emails arrived! Have fun! ^_^
    Oh, no rollercoasters! Sounds like you had some much needed fun though. And I love the pictures! I can't wait to hear about the con!!

  13. I LOVE rides but sadly have developed horrible motion sickness as I get older. I have to get my adrenaline rush from driving too fast and rock climbing ;-)

  14. Have fun at the conference. *Jealous*

  15. Boo for all the stressful things happening at once. I know exactly how that feels; I let me guard down for a second last week and was immediately slammed by all this work drama. It sucked.

    But yay for the fun you did have, and how exciting that you're going to a con this weekend! Hope you have tons of fun and meet lots of your writer friends! :)

  16. Well, it's great that you got to go play and have fun (even if my idea of "fun" definitely is not dropping from high things!) before you had to go back into the cave. Have a great time at YA Litcon. That sounds like a blast! It would be so fun to meet some of you folks in real life.

  17. I haven't been to a theme park in years - that's awesome you got to take a fun trip. That's never ill advised :)

    Enjoy YA Lit Con!

  18. I like small rollercoasters but anything like that I'm content to watch from the ground. Good luck with everything!

  19. Erin - Thanks! I'm terrified of that one even though I've been on it loads of times!

    Cole - Gotta love Apocalypse. :P I can't waiiiit! :D

    Melanie - Thanks! I definitely needed it!

    Crystal - I'm slightly jealous of all the amazing theme parks you have over in the US! (One reason I'd love to go to Florida!) Thanks! :)

    Kris - I think it's a bit of both. ;) Thanks!

    Rebekah - Yep, definitely - the silence was starting to drive me mad. :P Thanks!

    Jessie - I've never been to an event like this, so I'm super-excited! :)

    Jaime - Thanks! It was a nice break. :)

    Kat - I always get nervous, but sometimes it's nice to lose control for a little while!

    Tori - Yep, I'm always scared to get away from my inbox, but I rarely regret it. :)

    Loni - Thanks! Ah, the editing cave...

    Krystal - Thanks! I'm hoping to have some kind of update, I'm so excited!

    Jolene - That's a shame, but fast driving and rock climbing are great substitutes!

    Meredith - Thanks, I'm so psyched! :)

    Krispy - That seems to be the way of the world, unfortunately! Thanks! :)

    Kitty - Haha, I live dangerously. ;) Thank you! ^^

    Jennifer - I was worried it would clash with deadlines, but I'm glad I did it! :)

    Rachael - Thank you! :)

  20. The owl pictures are so cute! Good luck! And have fun!

  21. Ah, have fun! I enjoyed the pictures, and congrats on getting to the next stage on your MG Fantasy.