Saturday, 28 November 2015

#WIPMarathon November Update

It's time for another #WIPMarathon update, hosted by Ifeoma Dennis!

Last report wordcount:

I was at 54K of my urban fantasy draft.

Current report wordcount: 

I finished my draft at 72K. This one went much better than the last one, luckily! I also checked over my outlines for the second and third books.

I also wrote around 50K total on other projects. (I'm doing that thing again where I write out of order, so I might not end up keeping all the chapter fragments I have.)

Collision was published on the 17th.

WIP issues this month: Juggling. My brain wanted to write three books at once and refused to take no for an answer.

Four things I learned this month in writing:
  • I'm quicker at drafting when I'm not editing another project. Juggling feedback and comments  slows me down like nothing else. (And I'm so glad I quit using Goodreads as an author.)
  • Creative mood cycles are a nuisance. I had one week where the words were flowing, followed by two weeks where writing ten words was like pulling fingernails off. I'm trying to work on saving the difficult parts for days when my brain's actually functioning, to take the pressure off the rest of the time...
  • Sometimes I write out of order, and it can actually end up being faster. I'm more excited to write if I know what's coming next, and whenever I plan in detail, I end up accidentally writing bits of it ahead of time. (I probably can't get away with calling it accidental any more... :P)
  • Insecurity never goes away. >_<
    What distracted me this month when writing:

    Insecurity. Mostly publishing-related. Creative Brain and Business Brain have been fighting again.
    It doesn't really help that it's rained non-stop for a month and I've forgotten what the sun looks like. My lightbox is saving my sanity!

    So... I have eight books scheduled for release next year. They're all written, and most are edited. I'm prepared for the release schedule. But emotionally? Uh, yeahhh. *hides under carpet*

    Publishing is isolating, because you're constantly aware that people are watching. Reading your words. Declaring their opinions on your books for the world to hear. Going through it once is tough. Five times in a year, and I'm burning out spectacularly. Eight times next year? Well, I'm travelling around New Zealand in February and I'm kind of tempted to stay there so I can write in peace...

    So I'm a little distracted with travel plans, anyway! (The last time I went adventuring was when I travelled around Costa Rica in 2012. o.O) Ever since I graduated from university and my first book was published, it's felt like I haven't had a minute to spare. It's been a trying year, and it kind of hit home recently that I was putting off a lot of things for no good reason. Travel being one of them. So I booked the trip, even though I'm sure my inbox will do its best to thwart my plans.

    Goal for next month:

    Write 50-60K total. Two possible projects!

    Last 200 words: *cough spoilers cough*


    1. 8 books in one year is a lot, but your books are amazing so I wouldn't worry. I'm SO excited for INDESTRUCTIBLE and the rest of the Alliance series books. ESPECIALLY the Alliance Series books. And you're going to have so much fun in February that the inbox is going to not be an issue, I promise. You deserve that trip! If you need help with *anything* and I can help you, please let me know!

      Good work with the words this month despite all the obstacles. I know you'll hit your goal next month, too. Woot!

    2. Congratulations on Collision! My brain acts like it wants to juggle sometimes, but it always chickens out. Lol! You definitely deserve a big trip! There's nothing wrong at all with escaping for a bit!

      Have a great December! You'll hit your goal no problem. ^_^

    3. Many congrats on publishing Collision! And juggling so much successfully this month in spite of everything else you had to deal with! You're one of my personal heroes.

      Yes, you need to travel! It is the best antidote for stress.

      Best wishes for December!

    4. I'm not sure whether your monthly word count is inspiring or depressing :P You write in one month what I write in a year! HOW!?!?!?!

      Anyway, congrats on the awesomeness as usual and I am supremely envious of your travel plans to New Zealand! Hope you can take a proper break from all things publishing and properly recharge!