Friday, 22 January 2016

Announcement: Alliance Series Rebranding!

*deep breath*

I've decided to revamp the covers for the Alliance series.

I know everyone loves the covers. I do, too. But the fact is, the covers might be pretty, but they aren't connecting with readers. I had to make a decision about the future of the series and ultimately, this was my last option. I've had to delay the release of the fourth book, but the rest of the series will be published, even if there are longer gaps between releases than I anticipated.

Anyway, I like the new designs. :)

What's coming next

  • I'll be signing books at the Leeds Author Event on March 5 2016!
  • My next release will be Darkworld Book 4, Souls Forsaken, on March 7 2016.
  • Afterwards, Ablaze (Indestructible Book 2) will be out on April 4. (Pre-order here.)
  • I'm going to be travelling around New Zealand for the next two weeks (2nd-20th February. :) I'll update the blog with photos when I come back!

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