Wednesday, 30 March 2016


"Previously" is a blog hop run by the awesome Cole Burke and Tracey Joseph.

Previously in Writing

I've spent this month working on the newly announced Changeling Chronicles, an adult urban fantasy series. :) I'm almost halfway through drafting the second book, and the first's ready to publish (21st April!).

Previously in Reading

Another great month for reading! This year, I'm not setting any challenges. I'm reading for two reasons. 1) Research for what's currently selling in the genres I like, and 2) Books I want to read. I haven't even set a Goodreads challenge goal.

Some of the highlights of the month:

The Dead House - a great horror story featuring a protagonist with a split personality. Recommended if you want to be thoroughly creeped out!

The Dead House

The Silver Tide - a fantastic ending to the trilogy. Adventure, pirates, dragons, evil gods and magic - what more do you want?

The Silver Tide (The Copper Promise #3)

A Gathering of Shadows - the hype is real. It feels like sacrilege to say I found the first 70% of the book slow and packed with filler, but the worldbuilding and characters are great.

A Gathering of Shadows (Shades of Magic, #2)

Their Fractured Light - excellent ending to this YA sci-fi trilogy.

Their Fractured Light (Starbound, #3)

Next Time in Goals

I want to have the second book in the Changeling Chronicles drafted and through the first round of edits by the end of April.

A Word of Advice

Writing sprints are awesome. The problem with having so many ongoing series is that there's always something important that needs doing, and actual writing can fall by the wayside. I had to rediscover my focus after spending so long travelling, and writing sprints really helped with that.

Also: Yayyyy, book signing. :D


  1. Writing sprints are a great way to get words down one way or another in a set period of time. It can be super motivating.

    Wow, you've read loads! Nicely done ^_^

    1. Thanks! :) I find sprints stop me getting distracted.

  2. Writing sprints are great fun! I don't do them enough. Is there a certain hashtag you monitor?

    Amazing reads this month. I really, really need to read AGOS and The Silver Tide.

    1. I use a timer app when I'm doing sprints, usually, though it's nice to sprint with other writers!