Monday, 28 July 2014

News! Of the Darkworld variety!

Guys, it feels like forever since I've been able to update on the Darkworld series! Progress has been happening behind the scenes, but in jumps and starts and v-e-r-y slow stages, and nothing's been definite until now. But after months of repeated email refreshing and nail-biting, I finally have updates on what's happening with all the books in the series!

  1. Darkness Watching is getting a facelift! Yes - the first in the Darkworld series is getting a re-proof and redesign! Earlier this year, when I was discussing cover design ideas for Walking Shadow (Darkworld #2), it occurred to me that if I went down the road I was thinking of, the first two Darkworld books would end up looking very different. And I wanted the series covers to have a uniting theme. Luckily, my publishers agreed! The updated version will also have some minor changes to the text, as it's been through a re-proofing process, and I'm super-excited to share it! It'll be live on all retailers by the end of the week, and I'll be sure to share the link! :)
  2. Fear's Touch: A Darkworld Novella also has a new cover, and is still on track for release this summer! I'll update if anything changes on that!
  3. Walking Shadow (Darkworld #2) is through edits and I've just finished the final proofread! ^^ Newsletter subscribers will be the first to see the shiny new cover before I reveal it! And it's set to be released on the 13th November. :)
  4. Demon Heart (Darkworld #3) is with my fabulous editor, and will hopefully be out early next year!
  5. Darkworld Book 4 and Book 5 have been accepted by my publishers, so I'm waiting for the contracts! ^^
So, without further ado: here's the shiny new cover for Darkness Watching!

Gorgeous, isn't it? I can't wait to share the others! :D

So: what's next? 

This week (!!!) - re-release of Darkness Watching (Darkworld #1).
TBC 2014 - Fear's Touch: A Darkworld Novella released!
Autumn/Fall 2014 - Walking Shadow (Darkworld #2) released.
Spring 2015 (?) - Demon Heart (Darkworld #3) released.

Keep up with me on Twitter (@ELAdams12) where I'll share the link for the new version of Darkness Watching as soon as it goes live!

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  1. Emma, really awesome cover :) Love the details. Congrats!

  2. Love the cover Emma, sounds like things are going well.

  3. That is freaking gorgeous! Grats!!!

  4. That's an amazing cover! Just looking at it makes my fingers itch to touch it. Congratulations!

  5. Holy crap, that cover is awesome and creepy at the same time. That black, crinkly skin...*shudders* Congrats on all the great news!

  6. Creepy cover! I mean that in a good way :) Congrats on all the awesome that's happening.

  7. So love this. ^_^
    Congratulations on all the Darkworld Series news! Looking forward to the cover reveal for book 2!

  8. That's great news! Congratulations :D