Monday, 14 September 2015

Cover reveal: Demon Heart (Darkworld, #3)

I'm so excited to finally share the cover for Demon Heart (Darkworld, #3)! No joke, this has been sitting on my computer since June 2014. But it's worth the wait! :D 

*eek* I absolutely love it, and I'm beyond thrilled to share the third book in this series!

Here's the blurb:

Can a demon’s heart of ice be thawed?

Ash may have escaped death several times, but now things are finally looking up. The doppelganger is gone, she’s dating Leo, and the Venantium are staying away from her – for now. But a new threat rises from the Darkworld, and only the fortune-teller knows the true extent of the danger they’re in.

Lucifer, a sorcerer who did the impossible and cheated death through escaping to the Darkworld, is on the move. Now his second-in-command, Mephistopheles the demon, is loose in our world – and will do anything to win Ash over to his side.

The Venantium fear a repeat of the Demon Wars, the demonic invasion that wiped out the Blackstone family. But there’s more to those events than the records reveal. When Ash finds the lost diary of Melivia Blackstone, she starts to dig into the past to find the town’s forgotten history – leading to a revelation that shocks her to the core.

Leo seems to be the only person Ash can rely on, yet can she truly open up to him, knowing what she is? Blackstone’s dark history is rising to the surface, and it seems even memory can lie. The worst betrayal waits around the corner, and Ash has to decide whether to trust Leo with her darkest secret, even when it has the potential to destroy them both…

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  1. Okay, so this is absolutely gorgeous! I know I already said that today on FB, but it must be said again. Love the premise too!

  2. Oh, congrats! Glad you're finally able to share this cover after all that time. It looks great!