Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Darkness Watching sale and Alliance short story news!

I have two exciting updates today! Firstly, Darkness Watching is on its first Kindle Countdown promo this week, so it'll be available for only 99 cents for the next two days! Be sure to grab a copy here, if you haven't already. I was lucky enough to be picked up by Bookbub so the book's getting an even bigger boost than usual, and it's all thanks to you lovely readers/reviewers. Promo sites like Bookbub look at the reviews first when deciding whether to promote an author, so every single one makes a difference! :)

Secondly, I've mentioned a free Alliance short story exclusively for newsletter subscribers... and it goes out in today's newsletter! Passages: An Alliance Short Story takes place shortly before the events of Adamant, when Kay's final exam at the Academy takes a detour into the monster-infested swamps of Cethrax. It was so much fun to write! Sign up here for your free copy. :)

And I've set up a review sign-up form (which you can access under the "For Readers" tab above) to make it easier to sign up for review copies of my books. If you're interested in supporting Nemesis (Alliance, #2) when it releases next month and reviewing future Alliance books, this is the place to sign up! I'll be updating the form whenever I have another confirmed release.


  1. Congrats on all the good writing and book selling news :D

  2. Have downloaded a copy. I wish you lots of sales :)