Saturday, 29 June 2013

On Endings and Beginnings

So the day has finally come: I'm leaving university. Needless to say, I'm kind of an emotional wreck right now. Lancaster has been my home for three of the best years of my life, and now it's come to an end. It's time to face the real world...

But first, here's a glimpse into the insanity that is student life- from vanishing cutlery to people walking around in strange costumes, to mysterious houses in the middle of the woods! One thing’s for certain: university has definitely changed my life for the better, and I’m glad I kept a record of everything that’s happened because I never want to forget it.

I fell in love with Lancaster immediately. As a city girl, it was a novelty that I could see sheep from my window! :P

Lancaster is beautiful in the sun <3

I came to university – in a city where I knew no one - as a na├»ve eighteen-year-old who had no clue how to be an adult. I couldn’t cook or operate a washer, and I'd never even used a microwave - let alone made a plan for what to do with my life! I’m now graduating with a vague life plan in mind, a published novel – and three years of unforgettable experiences. 

I've climbed mountains in the Lake District - including the two highest peaks in England. I also got stranded overnight in a trip that's become a Hiking Club legend - but wasn't much fun for the people involved! Thankfully, they managed to get the minibus through the blizzard in the end! 

Arguably it was worth suffering for the beautiful views...

And here's some pictures of the lakes when the weather's nice! :) 

I went protesting in London in 2010 (No, I wasn't one of the crazy people who broke into parliament. But it was kind of cool to be at the centre of a national event. :P).

I visited many, many awesome places in the area. For instance, I've been to Lancaster Castle twice (and got locked in a prison cell as part of the experience!)

And the Bronte Parsonage museum in Haworth, Yorkshire (home of the Bronte sisters) is pretty cool, too!

I've been to Blackpool Pleasure Beach three times since coming to Lancaster, and I still scream the loudest when riding the Pepsi Max.

University has certainly widened my life experience. Before uni, I'd never witnessed such things as this:

Yes, those guys are dressed as Po the Tellytubby and a Power Ranger. It wasn't even a fancy dress party.

And when the freezer won't defrost, a hairdryer, a spatula and a pair of scissors will do the trick...

And occasionally, you have to paint yourself blue. (I'm dressed as an Avatar, if anyone's wondering :P)

There's always plenty of wildlife (not just people in animal costumes :P)

It's always cool to geek out over Harry Potter! :D

And I’ve travelled abroad. If someone had told me the summer before I started university that less than a year later I’d be in Australia, scuba-diving the Great Barrier Reef and jumping out of a plane over Byron Bay, I probably wouldn’t have believed them!

But here's the proof: 

I also had a close encounter with a koala. :D

 And saw the famous Sydney Opera House!

 And last summer, I had my intrepid jungle adventure in Costa Rica. 

And of course, this year, I achieved my lifelong dream and became a published author! :D

It's been quite a journey! I'm going to miss all the amazing people I've met since I came to Lancaster. I've met other writers, made friends for life, and most of all I've lived. I've finally stopped listening to negative voices and accepted that I am who I am, and there's no point in pretending otherwise. I'm going to live the life that makes me happy even if it means going against what other people expect of me, and I'm no longer going to look back and regret past mistakes. University has taught me to embrace what I'm passionate about and to live life to the full. I'm not going to lie: I’m devastated to leave it behind.

But thanks to the wonderful people I've met at Lancaster, I finally know who I am. I'm a writer.


  1. Way to go and congrats on being published and for obtaining your degree. Your adventures looked so amazing!

  2. So many pretty and cool pictures. It's bitter-sweet to leave college, but think about all that you've already accomplished! Congratulations on getting published. That's amazing! I'm sure you'll continue to have wonderful adventures now that you are out of school.