Thursday, 22 August 2013

A glimpse into the crazy

This is my last update until I'm settled (relatively speaking!) in London! My life has been well into the realm of crazy lately. I have:

  • Returned from an awesome holiday in Italy to find ALL THE THINGS awaiting my attention!
  • Hit 20K in Darkworld Book 5 and am now having all the feels, because it's the last Darkworld book and I....arrrgghhh, it's so emotionally just...uhhhhhh. Yeah. Words fail, pretty much. Ironically, considering I'm supposed to be a writer. :P
  • Also hit 20K in new YA fantasy project (aka mer-zombie-vampire-mash-up-thing) and debated the Wisdom of Prologues.
  • Edited the whole of Darkness Watching in a maelstrom of angst and despair and headdesking and emails and writing and rewriting and passive-verb-hunting and wanting to destroy Microsoft Word for crashing... But I made it out alive. Just. After reading the damn thing about 100 times and rewriting about 10,000 words of it! (bringing it to a nice total of 62,500- I always add at least 5000 words to a book during revisions!)
  • Freaked out and panicked about moving to London and having nowhere to live, and people not responding to emails and calls and letting agencies and UGH. But I'm OK now! I have a studio flat to rent for a month, and I won't have to sleep in the Underground! :P
And this is what I'll be doing this weekend:

  • Waiting for email from editor *bites nails*
  • Tomorrow, spending about 5 hours on trains across the country to visit my boyfriend's family, followed by a movie-style reunion on the platform (cliche that I am :P).
  • Watching The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones (can't WAIT! :D)
  • Moving to London properly on Monday, ready to start my internship on Tuesday!
  • Fitting in as much writing time as I can! But I'll have to skip this week's #WIPMarathon update, because Edits ate my writing time!

So many lovely people have put up with ANGST from me this week. Seriously, I don't know what I'd do without the people who put up with the inevitable rollercoaster of having a writer in their life. But it is greatly appreciated! <3

Meanwhile, Italy! I promised photos (probably. I think I did. Well, I have them anyway!):

Lake Garda <3

Me and the Lake

Gondola ride in Venice! I also acquired a Venetian glass frog, my latest writing mascot!

More fun times in Venice!

Another pretty lake picture!

Juliet's balcony in fair Verona!


  1. I visited Lake Garda when I was younger, it's so beautiful! One day I will go again :)
    Good luck with all of your jobs/internships!

  2. Good luck in London! I envy you!

  3. Italy looks beautiful. Enjoy your time in London - I'm dying to visit there.

    1. Thanks :) I'm looking forward to exploring!

  4. I really really want to go to Italy one day. Hope you settle in easily. And good luck with the new job!