Friday, 23 May 2014

Review - World After by Susan Ee

World After (Penryn & the End of Days, #2)In this sequel to the bestselling fantasy thriller, Angelfall, the survivors of the angel apocalypse begin to scrape back together what's left of the modern world.

When a group of people capture Penryn's sister Paige, thinking she's a monster, the situation ends in a massacre. Paige disappears. Humans are terrified. Mom is heartbroken.

Penryn drives through the streets of San Francisco looking for Paige. Why are the streets so empty? Where is everybody? Her search leads her into the heart of the angels' secret plans where she catches a glimpse of their motivations, and learns the horrifying extent to which the angels are willing to go.

Meanwhile, Raffe hunts for his wings. Without them, he can't rejoin the angels, can't take his rightful place as one of their leaders. When faced with recapturing his wings or helping Penryn survive, which will he choose?

World After is the sequel to the fantastic Angelfall, and my hopes were high. The first in this explosive post-angel-apocalypse saga totally blew my mind, and I’m happy to say that the sequel holds the same high standard! This is an adrenaline-filled, tense, DARK thrill-ride.

Penryn might have reunited with her family, but things will never be the same. Her younger sister, Paige, has been brutally altered by the angels’ doctors, and is outcast as a monster. Penryn herself is distrusted because of her seemingly-miraculous recovery from being stung by one of the angels’ scorpion-monsters. Her mother’s paranoia makes their whole family a target of the human survivors as well as the angels. And Raffe, the enemy angel she allied with, has gone, determined to get his wings back, and thinking she’s dead.

A good word to describe these books is haunting. And also disturbing. Not just because it’s such a scary, gripping portrayal of the end of the world, but because of the grey moral perspective. There are no real heroes or “good people”. The humans can be as despicable as the monsters. Penryn is a great lead character because she’s a survivor above all, and incredibly strong and determined.

The plot is great – not a single scene is wasted, and I was riveted throughout. Packed with suspense, danger and horror, this is a worthy sequel to Angelfall. Anyone looking for a kickass survival story with a great heroine, horrific monsters, and a dash of humour (Penryn’s nickname for the angel sword: HA!) will find something to enjoy here. Hands-down the best angel series (and the best post-apocalyptic novel) I’ve read!

Rating: *****


  1. I totally agree with you! This series is the best angel series there is. I really loved Penryn and Raffe. I seriously can't wait untill the next book! :D

    1. Yay, I can't wait to read the rest of this series! Penryn and Raffe are awesome! :D

  2. I love this series! It really is amazing, and I can't wait until the next book. I want to know what happens next!

    1. I'm so excited for the next one! I have a feeling it's just going to keep getting better! :D

  3. Ooh, I've TOTALLY got to read these now. :)