Wednesday, 20 August 2014

What's Up Wednesday

It's time for What's Up Wednesday, a weekly meme run by Erin L Funk and Jaime Morrow. Here's what I've been up to this past week!

What I'm reading

I read Dust to Dust, the final book in the Experiment in Terror series by Karina Halle. I never expected to love this series as much as I did, and I'm sad it's over!

I also read Grave Mercy by Robin LaFevers, which has been on my list forever! Assassin nuns in medieval France? Hell yeah!

What I'm writing

I finished my draft!!!! :D In a crazy marathon session on Saturday, I wrote over 6000 words. I'm still not sure how I managed that...but my artsy WIP is finished! :D Well, the first draft is, and it'll be joining the other two drafts I've finished this year in the "Needs Serious Revision" folder. But for now, yay! *dances*

I've also been doing more outlining for the Shiny New Series and officially started writing it! ^_^ I'm casually working on the first book for now, because the next couple of weeks are going to be busy. It's my first adult book, which is proving an interesting challenge (especially as the voice is turning out to be similar to my YA books!). And I still haven't nailed down the genre. (It's urban fantasy with alternative universes, so it's basically tap-dancing over all the sub-genres of fantasy...)

What inspires me

Epic marathon writing days! Until Saturday, I hadn't had one of those in a while! :D And now, I'm inspired by my shiny new manuscript! ^^

What else I've been up to

I finally watched Guardians of the Galaxy, and I absolutely loved it! My boyfriend and I also spent a day in London, seeing the sights, and then we went to a gig. ^_^

I've also discovered the genius of the Welcome to Night Vale podcast. It's awesome. 

And today, I'm travelling up north to visit my boyfriend for a few days. Then I'll have one day to pack for my second impromptu mini-break of the year. On Monday, I'm going to Italy with my family for three days! So life's going into Crazyville for a bit, and my presence on le interwebs might be a tiny bit scattered (I'm on a train today, but I'll return comments as soon as I can!).


  1. Baby Groot is so adorable! I went to see Guardians of the Galaxy this past weekend with my family and absolutely loved it. I wish it was out on bluray already so I could watch it again right away! Sounds like you enjoyed GRAVE MERCY as well. It's one of my favourite novels, and I can't wait for the third book this fall. Enjoy your trip!

  2. Aw! Baby Groot is so cute :) Yay to getting that draft done. May your writing marathon continue well!

  3. Congrats on finishing your draft! Enjoy your mini-break :)

  4. Wooot! Good job with finishing your draft! Hope you enjoy your travels.

  5. Everyone who does this weekly hop reads the best books. I have heard of neither the Experiment in Terror series or the assassin nuns novel, but both sound like books I would be invested in reading. Congratulations on finishing your draft! I am always inspired by everyone who does because it feels so far away for me yet; but others reaching this mysterious finish line must mean it exists!

  6. Ooh, an adult series! I'll be interested and seeing how it goes for you. I have one adult series and all the main characters are between 21 and 35. I've been refusing to do anything with it. Lol!

    I pulled up that podcast and it sounds like a lot of fun! Good luck with this new project! Happy Travels! ^_^

  7. Whew! Lots of travel! I'm glad you finished your WIP before all this bouncing about. Best of luck with transitioning from YA to adult. I've bridged the gap with a few works, but YA is SO much funner. =)

  8. Yup, more proof I'm the only cynic on Earth who didn't care for GotG. OH WELL :P

    Congratulations on finishing the draft and oooh, writing an adult book! Enjoy :D

    And have a great time travelling! It all sounds super exciting.

  9. I saw Guardians last week and it was fantastic. Baby Groot is so adorable. Welcome to Night Vale is fantastic. I'm like four months behind and I really need to get caught up. Congrats on finishing your draft and yay for starting a SNI!

  10. Congrats on finishing your draft!
    I haven't seen Guardians of the Galaxy yet, but I've heard some great things about it.

  11. I don't know why your page eats my comments. :( Let's try again... baby Groot is so cute! And 6000 words is amazing! Congratulations on finishing and starting right up with something else. Have fun on your mini-vacation!

  12. mini groot!!! i loved it too!
    yay for your journeys and writing accompishments!

  13. Ohmygaaaawd, Baby Groot! I want one so badly! Also, epic congratulations on finishing your WIP, how exciting!! *pops poppers, throws streamers* Sounds like you've had (and will continue having) a busy time of things, but in a good way :) Have a wonderful week and enjoy Italy, Emma!

    - Caitie

  14. Congrats on finishing your draft! That's awesome! :)

  15. I find listening to the voice on Nightvale to be very relaxing.

    My family and I also saw Guardians last weekend. My daughter and I definitely want to see it again; mom and son do not.

  16. Congrats on your Epic Writing Marathon!!! (yes, that deserves to be in caps) :)
    That is fantastic!

    I haven't seen Guardians yet, but the weekend is here (yay) so that means it's movie time.

    Hope you have an amazing week!

  17. *squee* Dancing baby Groot!!! <3 <3 <3 I loved Guardians (so fun), and omg your other activities sound fun too. London-exploring and Italy for a few days! Nice! :D

    Also, congrats on finishing your draft AND working on an adult novel. How exciting on both ends!

    P.S. Marauder's Dress is from Blackmilk Clothing, fyi. ;)

  18. Aww, dancing baby Groot!! I saw Guardians too, and yes - it is undeniably awesome. :) Congrats on finishing the draft.