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Author interview - Cait Spivey, author of I See the Web!

Today, I'm interviewing my editor at Curiosity Quills Press, the fabulous Cait Spivey! She's also the author of the awesome LGBT paranormal novella, I SEE THE WEB, and the sequel, A SINGLE THREAD, releases next month! So: onto the interview!

Tell me three interesting facts about yourself!

When I was 11, I forged a Hogwarts acceptance letter (green-inked signature and all) and stuck it in my mailbox.

I wrote my first novel when I was 14. It was a sci-fi called Frozen to the Future, and its soundtrack was all Avril Lavigne.

I'm a really big fan of my handwriting, both manuscript and cursive; I've spent years changing it up. In fact, the logo on my website is [the best version of] my actual signature. 

Summarize your book in one line.

A young queer girl is given a choice between her human life and power she can’t even fathom--but does she really have a choice after all?

Tell me something cool/crazy/quirky about the book – it can be anything!

The book is set in Oregon, where I live now; but the town is inspired by my hometown in Pennsylvania (and all of my PA friends will be able to tell).

Why did you decide to write this particular book?

I was terrified of spiders as a kid, but as I’ve gotten older I’ve mellowed a lot. I still wouldn’t want to get too close to them, but I’ve accepted their role in eating all of the super annoying flying bugs of the world. You’ve seen those funny “Spider Bro” memes, where the spider’s like ‘Don’t worry friend, I got that wasp for you’? The spiders in I SEE THE WEB have a supernatural twist, for sure, but the whole thing is inspired by that idea that spiders are working to protect us. It makes them a lot less scary.

Best part of the writing process?

I have these moments where everything suddenly clicks, where all the disparate elements come together in a brilliant and perfect way and the novel finally works. That’s the best part. It usually happens after I’ve started drafting and gone back to tweak the outline.

Share one thing you learned writing this book.

This is less about writing the book and more about publishing it, but I learned to always have a publishing plan--none of this ‘do it and see what happens’ business.

Tell me about one strange experience you’ve had. Again, it can be anything!

On a camping trip with Girl Scouts of America when I was a kid, my whole troop saw a ghost in the forest. We freaked out and ran into the cabin, and the ghost peeked into a window, then vanished.

Name one fictional place you’d love to visit.

Name one real place you’d love to visit.


Share one sentence/mini-excerpt from the book!

“So. Still alive? That’s nice,” I say.

The spider doesn’t move.

“Look, not tonight, okay? I really can’t do this with you tonight. Can you just go hide somewhere?”

It doesn’t move for a second. Then, shockingly, it backs up, turns around, and crawls away, disappearing over the far edge of the table. I laugh a little.

Spider whisperer indeed.

I See the WebSeventeen-year-old Erin has a lot to look forward to, even if it suddenly seems like everywhere she turns there’s a spider staring at her. She’s finally out to her friends and family, surprising exactly no one. When Dawn, the love of her tender teenage dreams, corners her in the library, a whole new world opens up to Erin. From here on out, it’s all make-out sessions with her beautiful girlfriend in rooms stacked high with books.

Until the spiders start whispering.

Turns out the spiders aren’t just stalking her for kicks. They need her to be their voice, their vessel, whatever that means. But their timing is crap, because there’s no way Erin is giving up her human life just when things are starting to get amazing. Too bad the spiders just won’t quit. Like it or not, Erin will have to choose, and it won’t be nearly as easy as she thinks.
Cait Spivey

Cait Spivey is a speculative fiction writer, author of the YA paranormal romance novella I See the Web. She is also a freelance editor, on staff for Curiosity Quills Press and REUTS Publications, as well as a managing member of Bear and Black Dog Editing, LLC. In her spare time, she plans her next tattoo (there will always be a next tattoo), watches too much Netflix, and spends quality time with her darling husband Matt and completely adorable dog Jay. The rest of her time is devoted to her tireless quest to make America read more.

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  1. I happen to know that Cait is remarkable in so many ways! (BTW, I don't think she really has "spare time.")