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BreakshieldBreakshield by J.B. Rockwell

Series: The Between #1
Release Date: March 26, 2014

Found at the intersection of life and the afterlife, the Between is a place where science and reason are replaced by magic and violence. It is a place where Typhon and his Huntsman of the Dark Waste spread like a plague and where Talents go to die. 

The only thing standing in Typhon’s way is Morgan Quendalen and the people of the Shining Lands. They are sworn to protect the last remaining Talents, a precious few who teeter at the edge of extinction. Morgan valiantly fights, protecting these last remnants of magic in a war he's not sure he can actually win. 

When Jamie Aster, a mortal Talent with undiscovered powers, is put under his charge, Morgan weighs his oath against a desire to save the Shining Lands. Could he kill a Talent if it meant saving his people?

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Praise for Breakshield

"- Villain: Oh, he's mean, despicable and totally cruel...I wanna know more about him and I surely hope we'll get to know more about his background and plans of doom."
 -Amazon Reviewer-Magyca
"It has well developed characters that you cant help but love and a vile protagonist that makes the book very hard to put down." 
-Amazon Reviewer - Deirdre Page

J.B. Rockwell

I’m a New Englander.  I was born and raised in a small town in southern Connecticut, and though work and life have led me elsewhere, I remain a New Englander at heart.  
I attended Connecticut College from 1991-1995 and graduated with dual bachelor’s degrees in anthropology and environmental science…and dreams of digging up ancient artifacts in the deserts of the southwestern US.   Unfortunately, I married a military officer.  That meant a lot of moving about, and the few jobs that are available in the anthropology/archaeology arena want you to stay put for years on end.  
So, take two: back to school, this time to the University of Rhode Island, where I completed an MBA program in 1999.   Not exactly the most exciting field of study but boy did it open doors for me and today I am gainfully (and happily) employed by the US Coast Guard developing and maintaining IT systems that support all facets of their operations.  
So, where am I now?  West Virginia!  I can honestly say that I never thought I’d be living in West Virginia (much less working in the IT industry) but here I am, and loving it.  No matter what you’ve seen or heard, West Virginia is a beautiful place to live.  And so, here we are - me, the husband, and three cats that basically run the show.  Life is good, and as long as I keep writing, it will keep getting better.

My Review

Breakshield is an action-packed opening to a fantasy series, set partly in the "Between", a magical realm, and partly on contemporary Earth. The story follows several characters, including Morgan Quendalen, whose task is to , ordinary human Jamie, and the villainous Typhon. Personally, my favourite character was Kitsune - what's not to love about an awesome fox sidekick? I also enjoyed the action scenes and the fast pace kept me turning the pages.

The magic in this story is different to most fantasy stories I've read, and the plot brings a fresh twist to the good-versus-evil battle. I appreciated that the characters are morally ambiguous, including the heroes.

As this is the first in the series, not everything is explained, but the story wraps up in a satisfying denouement and I'm intrigued to see where the series is going! A strong start, and a recommended read for fantasy fans.

Rating: 4 stars.

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